Wax Pack - Non-Sports Card Sets

Year    ACC# Set Name Card # Price Photo Variation
1938 R69 Gum Inc. Horrors Of War WP
1947 Goudey Indian Gum WP
1950 O-Pee-Chee Hopalong Cassidy WP
1950 Topps Hopalong Cassidy WP
1950 Unopened 50WP
1950 Unopened 70WP
1950 Unopened 77wp
1952 Topps Look 'N See WP
1952 Topps Wings WP1c
1953 Bowman Antique Autos WP
1953 Bowman Firefighters WP5
1953 Bowman NBC TV & Radio Stars WP
1953 Fighting Marines WP
1953 Topps License Plates (R714-13) WP 5 cent
1955 Topps Rails & Sails WP5
1956 Elvis Presley WP5
1956 Topps Flags Of The World WP
1956 Topps Round-Up WP
1957 Topps Goofy Postcards WP
1957 Topps Robin Hood WP
1958 TV Westerns WP
1959 Three Stooges WP5
1961 Topps Giant Funny Valentines WP
1962 Fleer Official Stop Sign WP
1962 Topps Casey & Kildare WP
1963 Leaf Spook Stories Stickers WP Son of Spook Theatre
1963 Leaf Spook Stories Stickers WP Spook Theatre
1963 Rosan John F. Kennedy WP
1963 Topps Astronauts WP5
1964 Beatles B&W WP
1964 Beatles Color WP
1964 Donruss Combat WP
1964 Leaf The Munsters WP
1964 Topps Johnson vs Goldwater WP
1964 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea WP
1965 Disney Puzzleback WP
1965 Donruss King Kong WP
1965 Gomer Pyle WP
1965 Hogan's Heroes WP
1965 McHale's Navy WP
1965 Topps James Bond WP
1965 War Bulletin WP5
1966 Batman A Series WP
1966 Batman B Series WP
1966 Batman Black Bat WP
1966 Batman Riddler Back WP
1966 Donrus Green Hornet WP
1966 Get Smart Secret Agent Kit WP 5 cent
1966 Green Berets WP
1966 Green Hornet Sticker WP
1966 James Bond WP
1966 Marvel Super Heroes WP
1966 O-Pee-Chee Batman Color WP
1966 Superman WP
1966 Topps Lost in Space WP5
1967 Daktari WP
1967 Donruss More Of The Monkees WP
1967 Leaf Garrison's Gorillas WP
1967 Philadelphia Gum Crazy Comics WP
1967 Topps Comic Book Tattoo WP Aquaman
1967 Topps Monkees Flip Movies WP
1967 Wacky Packs Die Cut WP5cWP 5 Cent
1968 A & BC Superman in the Jungle WP
1968 Chix Military Uniforms WP
1968 Donruss The Flying Nun WP
1968 Philadelphia Dark Shadows Pink WP
1968 Tom & Jerry Tattoo WP
1969 Topps Planet of the Apes WP
1970 Donruss Oddest Odd Rods Stickers WP
1970 Fiends & Machines WP
1970 Topps Man on the Moon WP
1970 Topps Valentine Foldees WP
1970 Topps Valentine Post Cards WP
1971 Donruss Tacky Tattoos WP
1971 Nice Or Nasty Valentines Cards WP
1971 Partridge Family WP
1972 Fleer Drag Nationals WP
1972 Fleer Real Cloth Patches WP
1972 Topps U.S. Presidents - Candidates WP
1973 Donruss Galaxy Wars WP
1973 Donruss The Osmonds WP
1973 Donruss Truckin' WP
1973 Fabulous Odd Rods 1st Series WP
1973 Fleer Crazy Covers WP
1973 Kung Fu WP
1973 O.P.C. Wacky Packages 4th Series WP-Blue
1973 O.P.C. Wacky Packages 4th Series WP-Red
1973 Wacky 1st Series WP
1973 Wacky 2nd Series WP
1973 Wacky 3rd Series WP Buy
1973 Wacky 4th Series WP
1974 Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers WP
1974 Wacky 10th Series WP
1974 Wacky 8th Series WP
1974 Wacky 9th Series WP Buy
1975 Six Million $ Man WP
1975 Topps Bay City Rollers WP
1975 Topps Planet of the Apes WP Buy
1975 Topps Wanted Stickers WP Buy
1975 Wacky 12th Series WP
1975 Wacky 14th Series WP
1975 Wacky 15th Series WP Buy
1976 Donruss The Bionic Woman WP
1976 Marvel Super Heroes Stickers WP
1976 O-Pee-Chee Happy Days WP
1976 Star Trek WP Buy
1976 Topps Happy Days WP Buy
1976 Topps King Kong WP
1977 Star Wars WP-FP Fun Pack
1977 Star Wars WP1 1st Series-Black Buy
1977 Star Wars WP2 2nd Series-Yellow Buy
1977 Star Wars WP3 3rd Series-Purple Buy
1977 Star Wars WP4 4th Series-Green Buy
1977 Star Wars WP5 5th Series-Blue Buy
1977 Topps Mexican Charlie's Angels WP
1977 Topps Wacky Packs 16th Series WP
1978 Donruss Kiss WP
1979 Topps Buck Rogers WP
1979 O-Pee-Chee Wacky Packages 1st Series WP 1st Series
1979 Star Trek WP Buy
1980 Marvel Comic Venezuela WP
1980 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back WP
1983 Donruss Magnum PI WP
1985 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers WPa Series 1 Buy
1985 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers WPb Series 2 Buy
1985 O-Pee-Chee WWF Wrestling Stars Series 2 WP
1985 The Goonies WP
1985 Topps WWF WP
1986 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers WP
1986 Garbage Pail Kids U.K. Minis WP1 Series 1
1986 Garbage Pail Kids U.K. Minis WP3 Series 3
1986 Garbage Pail Kids U.K. Minis WPP Plastic Pack
1987 Topps Roger Rabbit WP
1987 Topps WWF WP
1988 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers WP 15th Series
1989 Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles WP Leonardo