Jimmy McAleer Baseball Cards

Year    ACC# Set Name Card # Price Photo Variation
1887 N172 Old Judge 300-1a Bat at ready nearly vertical-looking at camera-Clevelands
1887 N172 Old Judge 300-2a Strike-looking at ball-Clevelands
1887 N172 Old Judge 300-3a Stooping/L to field low ball-Clevelands
1887 N172 Old Judge 300-4a Catch-hands above head
1887 N172 Old Judge 300-5a Catch-hands cupped above waist-Clevelands
1888 N173 Old Judge Cabinets 300-3 Stooping/L to field low ball
1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins 82
1902 W600 Sporting Life Cabinets 417 St. Louis, AL, 1906
1906 WG2 Fan Craze A.L. 34 Buy
1909 T204 Ramly 74
1910 M116 Sporting Life 189