1921 Queen City Cigar Baseball Card Set

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Queen City Cigar
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The 1921 Queen City Cigar set is very similar in design to E121 American Caramel and related issues (particularly D327 Holsum Bread and the W575-1 strip-card set), but printed on a slightly higher quality stock, and with advertising on the reverse which reads, "Pete and Jerry - Queen City Cigar Store - 8th and Phillips-Phone 1670-K - Sioux Falls, So. Dakota." The advertising on the reverse is designed very much like a business card, and, in fact, advertising for the business of the Queen City Cigar Store was clearly the purpose of these cards. It is likely that the cards were intended to be given out to customers as favors at the Queen City Cigar Store. It is possible that the 1921 Queen City Cigar cards predate the E121 American Caramel Company set, or were an advertising product offered by the manufacturer of the cards to businesses only for a short time. It may even be that after landing the American Caramel Company account to produce the E121 set that plans for similar cards issued by other businesses such as the Queen City Cigar Store were shelved.

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Card #    Name Price    Photo    HOF     
BurnsGeorge Burns 0 0
WheatZach Wheat 0 1
MorganRay Morgan 0 0
FletcherArt Fletcher 0 0
JacobsonWm. C. Jacobson 0 0