About Us

Auction Price Tracking

Our eBay Certified Application posts prices for cards that have been graded by only the four big grading companies, PSA, SGC, GAI and Beckett. They have outstanding reputations and are the most trusted in the industry. On each card profile page, there is a grid of each grade. Within each grade box, the values represent the latest sale price of that card in that grade. We only use real prices and do not set a price estimator formula so if there are no recorded sales, a "N/A" will show in that box. We acquire data by tracking eBay and major auction houses around-the-clock and most results usually post to our system within 15 minutes of the end of the auction.

Only successfully closed auctions will post to our system. We do not allow auctions that have not met their reserver or that have 0 bids. Major auction houses' prices are usually added to the system with in 24 hours of the auction ending and include the extra buyer percentage. We verify every listing by visually seeing the complete card in its holder for every auction. We take into account people with low feedback and potential false sellers and do not include them in our data. Only single lot graded cards are tracked.

Card sets in our Database

We have over 60,000 sets and more than 730,000 cards and growing. Check our homepage for the latest figures. Every card has it's own profile page with information about the card. If there are any auction or sales listings for a card,this page will display the "Available for Purchase" button. We have included sets of cards that have yet to get graded to make the player card search more complete. The player search will give you a list of every card produced for that particular player including all variations. We have posted over 24 million quality images of cards.

VCP Member Features

To learn more about the features we have to offer, visit our member features page.