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Trading Card Price Guide

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf, Soccer, TCG, Boxing, MMA, Non-Sports (Fantasy/SciFi), other sports and more!

Our sports card price guide relies exclusively on the actual selling prices observed on eBay and prominent auction houses.

Our database exclusively records transactions for graded cards authenticated by the most esteemed grading companies in the hobby: SGC (Sportscard Guaranty Company), PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), BVG (Beckett Vintage Grading), BGS (Beckett Grading Service), CSG (Certified Sports Guaranty), and CGC (Certified Guaranty Company). Each card within our system is meticulously cataloged with its own comprehensive profile page featuring a user-friendly grid layout, an innovation pioneered by VCP (Vintage Card Prices), providing the latest values categorized by grader and grade. Upon selecting a specific grader and grade combination, users gain access to a detailed listing of previous sales, including essential details such as date, auction venue, auction image, seller, buyer, bid count, sale type and sale price, offering invaluable insights sought after by avid collectors, dealers and seasoned investors alike.

Portfolio tracking in My Collection

Efficiently categorize your collections by creating distinct groups and effortlessly track their overall costs, value, and net worth. Gain insights into the financial dynamics of each group as well as individual cards, along with comprehensive summaries for the entire collection. The "Add Card to My Collection" button is conveniently accessible on every card profile page, allowing you to seamlessly input purchase details and allocate cards to designated collection groups. Enjoy the flexibility to edit or delete cards and groups as required to maintain optimal organization.


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Utilize the Want List feature to curate a collection of desired cards and receive timely alerts for new listings across eBay and other reputable auction platforms. Tailor your preferences by specifying criteria such as preferred grading company and grade. Listings matching your criteria are conveniently showcased within your Want List, complete with direct links to the respective auctions until their conclusion.


Sales History

Gain access to up-to-date valuations for cards spanning from 1867 to 2024, authenticated by esteemed grading authorities such as SGC, PSA, BVG, BGS, CSG, CGC, and GAI. Explore millions of sales records, inclusive of eBay transactions, meticulously cataloged within our expansive database, with thousands of new sales entries added daily. Discover the latest sales prices conveniently organized by grader and grade, presented in an intuitive grid format. For a comprehensive price history, simply click on the desired price point.

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Limited (free) members have access to a Price Icon feature, visible when perusing trading card sets (set checklists) and player name search results. This feature serves to signify the presence of recorded auction pricing for specific cards, aiding in the assessment of available price data prior to subscription to a premium account.

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VIP Members have the privilege of refining their search within trading card sets by grading company and grade. This tailored search yields a comprehensive listing of the latest prices, prominently displaying the most current offerings at the top. Additionally, VIP Members can conveniently assess the value of an entire set based on the availability of sales, eliminating the need to sift through unsold cards.

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Enable customizable notifications for new listings posted on cards in your collection or Want List. You have the flexibility to activate this feature during the addition of a card or at any subsequent time. Within the "My Collection" section, simply navigate to the desired card to toggle email alerts on or off according to your preferences.