How to use VCP

Video tutorials on how to use data research tools on VCP.

Search by Player Name

A guided tour into a player name search for Willie Mays. New to VCP? See how simple it is to search for players and find baseball card values of graded cards.

Set Name Search

A guided tour into a set name search for a 1981 Topps football card set. New to VCP? See how simple it is to search for sets and find football card values of graded cards.

Adding a Players Cards to My Collection

We demonstrate how to add a players cards to My Collection. This can be helpful when you want to add a particular players cards into My Collection in bulk without having to do them one by one.

Adding a Set to My Collection

An alternative to adding cards one-by-one is to add the entire collection. This video outlines the simple steps to achieve this.

Add Cards to your Want List

Get started adding cards to your Want List. While adding cards you can choose to enable email alerts. When cards in your Want List become available in auction, you will receive an email alert. Cards available for purchase will also be displayed while browsing your Want List.

Add Cards into My Collection

Track the value of your cards like a stock portfolio in My Collection. Add cards and track whether they have gone up or down in value.